IT management and consulting

We provide IT and marketing project management services. We can help you get new projects off the ground and keep existing projects running smoothly. We can define and establish methods that will allow you to monitor the status and budgets of your projects. Our experience also allows us to provide help with commercial activities that are related to your project.

As project management consultants, we can also provide assistance and cooperation in the following areas:

  • Writing requests for tender and requests for proposal documents
  • Helping you “sell yourself” to potential clients, writing bids, and presenting your skills and experience
  • Defining your project and project plan, conducting risk assessment and risk mitigation planning
  • Determining methods for monitoring project performance and project status and describing reporting methods
  • Describing milestones and identifying possibilities for breaking your project up into phases
  • Project management consulting, identifying resources, setting milestones and deadlines

To help you with these tasks, we will apply our expertise gained through experience with:

  • Programming
  • Creating analyses
  • Managing projects in the public and private sectors
  • Managing development teams working in various programming languages including JAVA, .NET, PHP, and RoR
  • Managing product development (CRM software, telephone systems, etc.) and websites, and providing related services
  • Defining business strategies
  • Communicating on a daily basis with customers and seeking out business opportunities
  • Managing suppliers
  • Managing projects with budgets ranging from 3,000 Euro to 30 million Euro

Thanks to our more than fifteen years of experience, we can also provide you comprehensive IT project solutions and help with project definition and management . We can also offer help with setting budgets and finding potential savings at both the start of new projects and in projects that are already running.