We have a wealth of experience helping both suppliers and IT service purchasers successfully overcome problems and meet their goals. Here are the stories of a few of our clients that have benefited from working with us.

For a supplier whose problems included the following: delivered SW services not functional, failure to meet deadlines, instable team, and unmotivated employees.

Over the course of six months we helped our client get caught up with the conditions of the contract and modify them, define and achieve critical delivery milestones, and set meetable deadlines on open projects. 80% of our client’s customers expressed interest in further cooperation and continued purchasing our client’s services.

For a purchaser whose problems included the following: dissatisfaction with delivered services, misunderstanding of supplier’s arguments, repeating problems, being caught in a vicious cycle with no clear way out and no hope of finding a compromise solution.

Over the course of three months, we communicated our client’s negative feelings to the supplier and defined realistic deadlines and outputs. In the end, our customer received their product, but decided to discontinue working with this particular supplier.

For a purchaser whose problems included the following: dissatisfaction with delivery of IT solutions that did not meet the client’s technology or capacity needs, difficulty negotiating due to ignorance of IT terminology, poor familiarity with technologies, inability to respond to supplier’s questions.

We immediately removed communication barriers between the supplier and customer, advised the client about the most effective technologies for them, and identified ways to use products that had already been delivered to meet our client’s demands, all within the space of three months.

In each of these three situations, we were able to apply the lessons we have learned from the problematic projects that we have been involved in in the past. As consultants, we have seen how effective just a coffee meeting can be for our clients. The feedback we provide can help you make sure you are headed in the right direction, show you what pitfalls to look out for, and teach you how to succeed in your IT or marketing activities. Taking the first step is up to you. We are here for you!

We’ll answer your IT questions immediately, providing you the right solution

If you ever find yourself in crisis management mode, you can count on us to respond rapidly to your queries. The right decision can save greatly on project costs. Feel free to contact us.

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We strive to provide effective IT services to our clients at a cost they can afford

We provide independent consultation to determine your exact needs. We can give you a different point of view on your business solutions. Try our services for free.

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