Protecting the investments of our clients

We can provide our IT know-how to companies that need to purchase or develop software but lack their own IT department. Thanks to our wealth of experience, we can help our clients avoid unnecessary investments and coordinate the purchasing of services and development work from suppliers and sub-suppliers. We overcome the barriers that people and companies unfamiliar with the world of IT face.

We stand by our clients, not only helping them define their needs when putting out requests for tender, but also managing suppliers, providing advice on open questions, and defining quantifiable milestones for all purchases. Our approach will help you as our client avoid failed projects and wasting money on poor investments. To do so, we apply our own experience as both suppliers and purchasers. Supplier management will save time and money for both sides. It also means that you as our client will be able to dedicate yourself to your actual business activities and leave IT concerns up to us.

We focus on our clients’ needs, properly identifying them and seeking out and addressing suitable suppliers. But we don’t just help out at the beginning: we continue to provide consultation throughout the process of supplier management and defining quantifiable milestones, which we evaluate together with our clients and help communicate to the supplier. To us, successful communication means that the supplier understands the customer’s business needs and at the same time that the customer understand its IT needs. If you have the feeling that a sub-supplier is not delivering you what they promised, is communicating poorly, or is incapable of providing accurate information about the status of your contract, don’t hesitate to contact us! Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions and to take the first step toward protecting your investments and ensuring transparency.