Marketing management and event support

We offer expertise in managing market activities, planning business development events, and organizing social events. We aren’t experts on the latest marketing trends, but we are experts on identifying marketing needs, defining target audiences, and managing and monitoring suppliers. Because we have been active in marketing for more than fifteen years we can offer you our expertise to:

  • Manage your marketing department
  • Define international marketing strategies and managing sub-suppliers in other countries
  • Develop and manage link-building campaigns and monitor their effectiveness
  • Guide you through creating and writing articles, evaluating them, and monitoring their success
  • Help define marketing strategies, select suppliers, and manage and monitor effectiveness
  • Guide you through the process of redesigning company graphics

We are not a marketing agency, but we have experience working for such companies, and today we purchase services from marketing firms. We can identify, define, and manage marketing activities for web portals and company websites. Thanks to our years of experience we can also suggest marketing partners with proven track records, and thus combine our IT expertise with marketing activities.

If you need to further develop your business or if you are already purchasing marketing services and are unable to judge how effective they are, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be glad to advise you.